Hey everyone,
THANX for supporting Shut up n Order Buttonz​.. A DIY No bullshit company that is not corporate!!! I make every button with my very own hands. 

 I was the bass player in a band called INSTANT ASSHOLE and we always support  ALL DIY work, making all our own shirts, patches, and buttons. We are ALL about keeping things in the family scene and supporting other musicians. 

With all the experience I had making our own buttonz for all the many many tours we went on, I have learned how to master button making to it's fullest. So I thought maybe I should hook up other bands too since I got it down and have the equipment to do 'em. Word started to spread VERY quick by word of mouth and now this DIY button makin' thing is reaching all new kinds of people. I have done Grind core bands, punx bands, metal bands, memorial buttons, art buttons, CAL buttons,o record companies, salon's, book stores, record shops, buffalo exchange, clothing line logos and so much more then I ever intended which is SO COOL!!  

I have a lot  of people to be thankful for that have been supportive of making this all happen like all my band mates, all the homies bands, and how they spread the word like wild flowers.  As long as I am needed I will be doing this. If all goes as planned I want to start a program called PUNX PUTTING PUNX TO WORK and have friends come to work for me and make some money. We support each other and that is HOW we all make it though life and that is what SHUT UP N ORDER BUTTONZ is ALL about. COMMUNITY!!! 

Thanx SO MUCH for supporting the family scene and to help me make this business really count. We are keepin shit cheap but putting out top quality cause that is how we do shit....KEEP IT REAL!!!!




Copyright  2013 by  Shut Up n Order Buttonz

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